Laineys Dog Print Collar
Laineys Dog Print Collar

Laineys Dog Print Collar

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The cutest Dog Print Collar for Girls or Boys! This collar is for our bigger breed babies! It makes a strong statement! Our Collars are hand sewn with triple re-enforcement at one buckle side and 4 rows at the other end for a strong but soft comfortable collar!

They are all made with 2” wide Cotton Fabric which makes them Very durable. They are also strong but lightweight.              

PRINT, PATTERN & BOWS will Look different depending on SIZE or WIDTH of Collars BOWS will AWAYS change as most are in limited supply. Buckles may also change due to availability and size unless specified by you!

We spray all collars with scotch guard to help repel dirt and water! This only lasts for a couple of months. 

ANY Questions or concerns Please FEEL Free to Bark at us! We are ALL Ears. B.O.L.!!

~♥~Lainey recommends that your collar be hand washed only and laid flat to dry. HOoOoOwWwLlLs!!~♥~

´*•.¸Loving My babies as Much as YOU do... Their Safety is FIRST Priority! NO Collar is indestructible So Please check your babies Collar/Leash for wear and tear to ensure it's in GOOD shape, and replace when needed! PLEASE NEVER leave your babies unsupervised with their NEW Leash or Collar.. THANK YOU! ¸.•*´

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