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Our line of Collars just for the Kitties! These are made with a breakaway buckle and a bell so you can find them!

Our Collars are handmade in-house by us.  We use materials from the most Unique to the everyday.  We use grosgrain ribbon, cotton fabric, canvas, and velvet. We also use upcycled materials that we saved from filling landfills.  For the most part we do NOT mass-produce our prints, we limit our designs.  

We use lightweight webbing when we use grosgrain ribbon.  It makes a softer-feeling collar around your babies (doggies/kitties) neck.  We triple-sew the seams for added strength when we create the 1 1/2" to 2" sized collars & double-sew other smaller-sized collars.  We use cotton interfacing also for a softer yet stronger collar when we create the smaller-sized collars.

Your babies safety is our BIGGEST Priority! No collar is indestructible, ANY dog collar could be chewed through despite our best efforts.  So Please check your babies collar/leash for wear and tear and chewing to ensure it is GOOD shape and replace it when needed!  Please never leave your babies unsupervised with their NEW leash or Collar.

PLEASE contact us if you have ANY concerns!

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