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I LOVE ART!!  I NEED to Create as much as people NEED to breathe! I love all kinds and have since I was little!  In H.S. I took EVERY art class available except Graphic Arts…. I just ran out of time!  My Favorites were Photography & Interior Design.  Which I am able to use both in the making my cookies. I NEVER knew there was so much creativity in baking and I am having FUN with it.  I started making collars and thats where i found a niche!! All the prints and designs and bows....the possibilities are endless! 

I have a 2 legged child Niki and a grandson now and another one on the way. I have Lainey who is my 4 legged baby!  Autumn is the Face of Puppy Mills and is my Starfish (the Star Fish Story) Fig my boy who was rescued also from a puppy mill and still working on trust issues .... but show him some food and He just looses his mind! Chloe (who was with is when we started) tolerates me BUT LOVED her Daddy! She left us a few years ago to go to the Rainbow Bridge........

 I think Artistic people march to a different drummer and that’s OKAY. 

If you want to get out of a Craft Store or Show fast DO NOT go with me!  I have a tendency to lose all track of time & take up residence.


About our taste testers (dogs).

Well I have Lainey (who inspired me and who I named the Company for) she is a 13 year old Puggle (dont know when THAT happened) . Lainey likes to sit or sleep on a chair while I bake just like kids do!  Chloe was with us when we started and was A 14 Year old Lab when she left us for the Rainbow Bridge, and than we have our Rescued girl Autumn who was a puppy mill mom is is also a 13 year old Puggle who KNOWS what the Timer sound is…. COOKIES!!!  Autumn is TRYING to Take Over Laineys Position of HEAD TASTE TESTER!! Then there is our 7 year old Puggle Fig who was also a puppy mill rescue, he was a Stud.....Still is  :)

ALSO My Hubby who I use often to get a human perspective.


How did you get started making dog treats and biscuits?

I NEVER NEVER thought I WOULD be a baker!!!  EVER!  If you would have told me 5-6 years ago that I would be baking I would have laughed and laughed.  But I had Lainey who has a sensitive tummy to begin with and A family member had given me a recipe and I just held it…. and held it.  Than the Recalls of food and treats started and I thought well Now is the Best time!  So I finally made the cookies and thought WOW NOT as hard as I thought it would be. (It was HARDER!) Friends said hey you should sell these and … well here we are!  


What makes your treats and biscuits different?

They are made by ME!!  I LOVE the babies….. I use FRESH ingredients like pumpkins, cutting & gutting & cooking, coconuts, breaking, scooping & shaving, fresh fruits and vegetables (from my OWN garden) while in season.  If WE can eat them than THEY can eat them.  I would NEVER feed your babies something I would NOT FEED mine!  I use NO added sugars or preservatives.  Our cookies are Wheat,Corn, Gluten, Soy, Egg FREE. I try to find UNIQUE ingredients & pair them up unusually!  I address the smaller babies with tiny cookies.  I LOVE that my packaging and containers are Different and limited, so that you have a SPECIAL TREAT!


How do you come up with your flavors? 

I get inspired EVERYWHERE, you NEVER know where the next recipe is waiting!!  I go to stores and I am OFF in my OWN little world.  There are all these colors, textures & smells.  I am thinking hmmm can this go with that?  I also read magazines and books and listen to what people are making for their humans and see if i can use them or tweak them for my cookies.  It’s a scary place inside my head :)


NEXT ....... How we started Collar and our SPAW Sentials.

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